Transforming outlines from png (or other) files

I'm completely new to laser cutting and am already ready to give up. I have two png files that are outlines of the pieces I want to have cut, but cannot figure out how to transform them via Illustrator into acceptable files for submission.

I own Illustrator but have never used it much, having learned way back when on Paintshop Pro, which is what I still use. My version of Illustrator (CS6, version 16.0.03) doesn't have the options of 'live trace' and 'trace options' shown in the tutorials. Also the outlines are in black and I can't figure out how to change to blue.  Also each piece needs to be about 1 and 5/8 inches across the top but I can't find where to size the pieces properly.

I'm a completely ignorant newb in all of this and would really appreciate some help.  Thank you!



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