DXF Troubleshooting

If you're having some issues uploading a DXF file, here are some helpful tips to help you troubleshoot the issue:


- Have you thoroughly read our Autocad guide?http://www.ponoko.com/starter-kits/autocad

Please thoroughly read this guide and follow it instructions and tips precisely. Even if you're using a different CAD software to create your design, our Autocad guide is the closest guide we have for you. So try to follow its instructions as closely as possible. 



Have you downloaded, read and used our Autocad templates? - http://www.ponoko.com/starter-kits/autocad#autocad_section_3

These are necessary to help you correctly format your file. Please download, read and use them.



Does your DXF continuously try to upload without success?

Your file is likely saved as a newer DXF version which our system and software can't read or open. Please make sure you're saving it as an older version DXF eg. AutoCAD 2007/LT2007 DXF - http://www.ponoko.com/starter-kits/autocad#autocad_section_12



Is your design scaled to millimetres?

A files scale is important to quoting an order correctly. Otherwise you could potentially be over or underquoted. Please make sure you save/export your file in millimetres, not inches.



If you're still having issues after trying these fixes, please email our support team with your file - https://www.ponoko.com/contact


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