File won't upload & says "Oops - We Need RGB Color Mode!"

If you're having trouble uploading your design file, we can help!

Email your file to designhelp@ponoko.com and we'll advise on how to get it fixed as soon as we can.


If you've received this error message, that means your file has not been exported correctly. 


Below we point you to the key things you need to do when exporting from each of our supported software packages:

Adobe Illustrator

When saving your file as an ‘Illustrator 8 EPS’, check that your screen matches the panel below (with all of the boxes under ‘Options’ remaining unticked). The most important one which is causing you trouble now is "Include CMYK Postscript in RGB Files".

Once you've resaved in this fashion, your file should upload correctly.



If you are using any version of CorelDRAW previous to X6, you MUST export your file as a SVG. You can read more about that in our CorelDRAW starter kit.

If you are using CorelDRAW X6, you can read about how to export your file here:
How to Export CorelDRAW X6 files for use with Ponoko


You must export your Inkscape file as an Inkscape SVG. You can read more about exporting Inkscape files in our Inkscape Starter kit.


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