File won't upload and says "Oops! Your design contains open shapes with fill colors applied"

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This error message will appear if you have an unclosed shape/s in your design with a "fill" color applied. Any shapes with fill colors need to be properly closed for our software to read them correctly.

What does an unclosed shape look like?

ishot-123.jpg ishot-124.jpg

These images show the potential difference between what you see in Preview/Normal mode vs how the shape is created underneath. The black square appears the same but part of it is actually missing.

This is a very exaggerated example of an open shape and is very obvious to spot by going to the view menu and choosing out line mode. You simply select the nodes either side of the opening and join them.

How to find the less obvious places where paths are not closed.



How to fix in Inkscape

First thing to try.

  1. Select all the objects with a fill applied.
  2. Ungroup all the designs.
  3. From the Path menu choose the Union function. 

Second thing to try.

The hardest open path to spot is where 2 nodes are in the exact same location and you cant see a gap in the path. In Inkscape if 2 nodes are in the exact same spot they appear a different color if they were joined correctly.
With the Edit Nodes tool, select the shape and examine the nodes. 
Where the nodes are joined they have a black outline. Where they are not joined they are grey. 
Select the 2 unjoined nodes and hit the Join Nodes button. You'll notice that node change to have a black outline.* 
*If they don't change then there are probably 2 joined nodes in that location now. Click on one and drag it away to confirm this. The extra node can be minused or ignored.

How to fix in Illustrator

First go into outline mode and see if there are obvious gaps in the path like in the example above
If you cannot see obvious gaps, it's likely 2 nodes are in the same spot and not joined. 
  1. Click on an object with a fill applied.
  2. From the Select menu choose Same > Fill & Stroke. This will select all the lines that have the same, correct value.
  3. From the Window menu open the Pathfinder control panel
  4. Screen_Shot_2013-11-03_at_8.16.49_PM.png
  5. Choose the Unite option to close all the paths


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