File won't upload & says "Oops - Blue Fills Alert!"

If you're having trouble uploading your design file, we can help!
Email your file to designhelp@ponoko.com and we'll advise on how to get it fixed as soon as we can.

You can also read about how to fix this specific error below:


This error message generally appears when a file has a blue fill, instead of a blue stroke.

Your file must be in RGB color mode and all of the stroke/line colors must be either:



Often there’s a trick to locating the blue fill, as it’s not always obvious. The image below has a hidden blue fill - but this isn’t apparent in the fill and stroke panel:


The next thing to do is ‘select all’ and check the Object dropdown menu. The ‘Expand Appearance’ command is only available when there is an element in the design which isn't showing up as its true components, as per this image:


After using this command, it was easy to find the blue fill, and then make the necessary adjustments:


Sometimes the object that gets ‘expanded’ might be a single anchor point, or other tiny details in a file - so it pays to keep a close eye on your file to see what has changed once you select ‘Expand Appearance’.


In this example the image below it looks like the lines are correctly formatted as blue lines for cutting.



However, with the line below the Ponoko logo selected you can see that this line actually has a fill color applied and not a stroke color.
You'll need to change your colors from fills to strokes with a stroke weight of 0.01mm as shown below.

Also double-check that all of your fills are set to 100% opacity - any figure less than 100% can trigger problems during the uploading process.

Finally, this error can also be triggered if you have used an ‘appearance’ when you created your design, such as the Calligraphic brush.


Calligraphic brushes provide only the ‘appearance’ of a stroke - you'll need to 'select all' and choose ‘remove brush stroke’, as per the image below:


If you’ve checked all of these issues and your file is still not uploading, then drop us a line at service-at-ponoko-dot-com and we’ll be happy to take a look at your file for you.


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