File won't upload & says 'Oops - Blue Alert! '

If you're having trouble uploading your design file, we can help!
Email your file to designhelp@ponoko.com and we'll advise on how to get it fixed as soon as we can.

This error message can appear for the following reasons:

Your design is in CMYK mode

Your designs have the wrong blue values

There are grey strokes in your design 

Your DXF does not use our templates

Your design is in CMYK mode - How to check the color mode:

Adobe Illustrator

Firstly, check the color mode of your document. (It's best to start working in our templates as the color mode will be set right)

From the File menu, select Document Color Mode > RGB Color



When saving your file as an ‘Illustrator EPS’, check that your screen matches the panel below (with all of the boxes under ‘Options’ remaining unticked). The most important one which is causing you trouble now is "Include CMYK Postscript in RGB Files".

Once you've resaved in this fashion, your file should upload correctly.



Go to Tools > Color Management > Default Settings. Make sure your default color settings are set the same as this image.


If you are using any version of CorelDRAW previous to X6, you MUST export your file as a SVG. You can read more about that in our CorelDRAW starter kit.

If you are using CorelDRAW X6, you can read about how to export your file here: How to Export CorelDRAW X6 files for use with Ponoko


You must export your Inkscape file as an Inkscape SVG. You can read more about exporting Inkscape files in our Inkscape Starter kit.

Your designs have the wrong blue values - How to check the line colors:


  1. Click on a line with the correct color values.
  2. From the Select menu choose Same > Fill & Stroke. This will select all the lines that have the same, correct value.
  3. From the Object menu choose Hide > Selection to hide these correct lines from display on your artboard.
  4. Repeat this process until there are no lines left and/or you have found the lines that had the wrong color values.
  5. With an apparently blank artboard choose Select > All from the Select menu to see if there are any invisible objects still in your design that might be causing errors. If anything is selected you can delete it.

You can watch a video on Self Checking design files here.

Blue cutting lines need to be R 0; G 0; B 255. It pays to double check that your lines are not accidentally set to Blue 225 - which is easy to miss, as per the screenshot below. Once you change the 225 to 255, it should upload just fine.



Unfortunately Inkscape doesn't have a function that allows you to select lines of the same color. There are rumors of this functionality in version 0.49 so keep an eye out for that release.

There are grey strokes in your design

A third reason for this error message appearing can be if a file contains gray strokes. Our system only accepts gray fills for engraving, not gray strokes - and often the “blue blooper” message appears if you’re trying to upload a file that contains a gray stroke, like the image below:


Once the gray stroke is removed, the file should upload just fine.

If you wish to engrave the grey stroke, turn a the stroke into a filled shape. Select your line and make sure it is at least 1mm. Use the Object > Path > Outline Stroke command to turn your lines into filled shapes.


How to set the stroke color in AutoCAD:

The best way to ensure your design is formatted correctly is to use our templates.

Our templates are set on millimeters, scale 1:1 and the layers are setup with the correct color and line weight correct to "communicate" with the laser.

Download a copy of our AutoCAD Templates here.

Please ensure your design is on one of our templates, the units are set to millimeters and 1:1 scale.


If you’ve checked all of these issues and your file is still not uploading, then drop us a line at service-at-ponoko-dot-com and we’ll be happy to take a look at your file for you.


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