Use file names to prevent ordering mistakes

So I wanted to share a naming convention that I use to help keep my head on straight when ordering a ton of different items.

I usually use something like this P2 - Awesome item x 45 - clear.svg

First I put the size of the template needed for the file.

Then a brief description

The number of the items in the cut (makes calculating cost per item easy)

finally the color of the material. I use primarily acrylic for my stuff but you could easily add another layer that includes the material. 

It kinda keeps me organize and I don't have to open files and count the items or think back 3 weeks ago when I made this file what color I wanted it in.

I also store all my files locally and re-upload them all each time. Keeps my revisions current and lets me order enough for free shipping.

Hope this helps!


Jonathan Bowen

CorSec Engineering


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