What's going on with the Ponoko Store?

I rarely use the "public" side of the Ponoko website, but I had an acquaintance who wanted to buy a simple laser cut widget from me, so I added it to my store.   Out of curiosity, I logged out, and then visited the homepage looking for a link to the store.   I can't find it. 

I realize this is probably a cost center for Ponoko, but it seems odd that somebody randomly visiting www.ponoko.com would never know that there are items for sale, made by other users.    I'm not even sure (short of logging back into my account, and opening my storefront settings) how to send out a link to an item.   Heck, I used to enjoy browsing through other users' items, but I can't even figure out how to do that!

Is this a sign that the store is going away at some point in the future, as it seems to be pretty well hidden?


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