Thoughts on closing Ponoko ID


Ponoko ID is a feature  on our site that lets someone fill out a project request that can be fulfilled by someone with a Ponoko account.

It is essentially a match-making tool to connect people who need something made with the people who have the abilities to make it.

While Ponoko ID is an interesting concept, there are several reasons for why we are considering closing it:

• Under-use: An average of 5 legitimate requests are made per month with few to none of those requests being fulfilled.

• Spam: Lots of requests are spam links, requiring manual monitoring and deletion of those requests.

• Focus: As we continue to grow, we want to focus on what we do best — custom manufacturing. That means improving the service and features people want and cutting loose the ones people don't want.


We want to hear from you before we take action.

Before we decide to close Ponoko ID, we want to give you a chance to tell us your thoughts.

•  Is Ponoko ID important to you?

• How would closing Ponoko ID affect you?

• Do you know of other websites that would provide an alternative to Ponoko ID?


Thanks for your time. It's your feedback that steers us right!


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