Tax Blues

I sell designs on Etsy.  There is a set price with an added shipping cost unique to the US.  Today I filled an order from Etsy.  It seemed that the cost for the item was higher here at Ponoko than I remembered, and I noticed that tax was added.  So I checked some other orders and noticed that the two previous orders (one from PA and the other from NJ) were not charged tax.

So I wonder, if some states require you to tax folks and others do not, how am I supposed to keep an Etsy shop with Ponoko products and make a consistant profit?  My margin is very low.  So the $3.ish  in tax I was charged for this recent order is more than a third of my profit for that item gone.  And what happens when the tax for some states or countries is high enough that I wind up paying instead of profiting?

I suppose one option would be to contact every Etsy order that incurs tax and ask them to pay more - but that's really a pain, not to mention aggravation to the customer.

Is there a solution?




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