Add order numbers to history page

I just spend the last 20 minutes trying to figure out what orders where delivering when. I have 3 outstanding orders. 2 are in transit right now and one is going to be a day later then I'd like but no helping that. So I tried to make sure I knew exactly what was in that order. The only way I could identify the orders was to pull my paypal receipts and compare the costs.


It work better to leave the items in the making status side (updated to include tracking link) till I get them. That might be difficult because you would need to coordinate that with UPS but maybe a final status that has a link that will simply archive the order to the history tab when I click on it. It would also help to have the order number more visible on all status pages for the order. I just thought of something and was able to find it by clicking print receipt. I know you guys have been working on an update for the site that's why I wanted to bring this to your attention. 

I guess I should be thankful that I am doing so much business that I even have this problem :)



Jonathan Bowen

CorSec Engineering

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