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Welzome to Makerzone post!

Firstly, thank you for spending your precious time on our post.

As mentioned in the title, Makerzone is a platform providing 3D design services. If you need any 3D design services, you can email to us at makerzone.net@gmail.com. We have experienced 3D designers that are able to cater to your 3D design requests. Just send in your email to us for more info. You may request for their portfolio before you engage them.

The value preposition of our platform to you is safety and reliability. All transactions done will be brokered by us. Here are the simple steps on how we engage you with our 3D designers.
1. Once you start a 3D design project with the designer, you can make an upfront payment to us with paypal.
2. Next, you will engage with the designer directly to complete your design request. There are 3D rendering engine, commenting system etc to systemize and automate your communications and design process with the designer.
3. Once your project is completed, we will request for a final confirmation from you to make the payment to the designer.

To understand more on what we do, feel free to visit our Facebook fan page here:

Our official website is www.makerzone.net but it is still under construction and is expected to be completed by end of December 2013. Subscribe with us and get our latest email updates!

So, that is all for now, we will update more photos and details in the near future so do check us out often. Feel free to email us anytime!

Thank you very much again!


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