Selling Stuff You Make? Tell Us What + Where!

We wanna know what you're making and where you're selling!

If you're selling your awesome Ponoko-made stuff, leave a link in the comments to your shop and a short description of what you make — and we'll add you to this list.

If you're *not* selling your awesome Ponoko-made stuff but you've wanted to give it a try, now is a great time because holiday shopping season is just getting started! Open a shop in the Ponoko showroom today.



24hourpajamapeople - Modern laser cut trivets.

2by2 - Geometric house sculptures

Alienology - otherworldly lighting

Art by Gunther - geometric wall art

B+ Shop - scientifically inspired coasters + magnets

Call Me Amy - turkey-meets-menorah = Turkorah!

Catter Wallin - shelves + keepsake box (donates a portion to the ASPCA)

Chain Clocks - mechanical chain clocks

Decoylab - whimsical clocks + home goods

iluxo - city skyline clocks

Module R - custom + customizable tapestries + wall art

Okulo - eyewear display shelf

Pepper Sprouts - unique coasters, ornaments, + kitchen accessories

ROBOMUSTACHE - puzzle kits of cute creatures

Yvonne Laube Designs - woodland inspired home goods




2 Grays - cellular organic form jewelry

3DPrintedSkull - CT scans transformed into Skullptures

A Bird of Play - modern, hand painted necklaces + earrings

Akunjin Corps - cosplay glasses

Antisparkle - Instagram photo frame jewelry

Archetype Z - faceted jewelry

Blugrn Design - modern fashion accessories for men and women

Caravan Creative - botanical inspired designs

Cheshire Kat - adorable charms

Chromatophobic - Tim-Burton-esque cufflinks + brooches

Fiesty Elle - eco chic earrings + more

GioGioDesign - Stainless steel pendants + Modern home accessories

Honey B Gold - street style bling

iluxo - lockets + hairpins

Karen Kavett - typography inspired necklaces + keychains

Laurel Denise - inspirational leather bracelets + cuffs

LicketyCut - playful, geeky jewelry

Meshu - app that lets you connect favorite places to create jewelry

Osmosis Design - cross stitch pendants

Planet Rawr - cute characters

Plastique - fun + colorful collections

PrintFutura - graphic design inspired jewelry

Raw Elements - bohemian jewelry

Sugar Cookie - hand drawn characters

Take This 2 Heart - playful jewelry for boys & girls

Trail & Compass - Handmade Jewelry

Vivi Dot - fabric covered jewelry designs




OpenPCR - thermocycler kit to for DNA detection, sequencing, and other applications 

Neon22 - mobile device usability testing sleds

Lonely Speck - SharpStar Precision Focusing Tool



Becka Rahn - miniature weaving + embroidery

Dawning Dreams - pretty drop spindles

Dreaming Robots - portable, electric spinning wheel

Girl on the Rocks - knitting + sewing notions

In Camera Industries - photographic plate holders for analog photography

Kristen Doran Design - DIY stitch panels

Lava Guy - bow tie sewing pattern templates (design files only)




cabin + cub - woodland creature cake toppers

Luxecuts - custom wedding decor + gifts




Chosetec - folding ukulele kits

Emorydunn - Pai Sho tiles




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