A little story about what happens when the designer not Ponoko F's up

     This story is for everyone no matter how good you are at sketch up or how long you have been an architect using cad or a designer or making stuff on Ponoko. The moral you should take away from this story is double triple and quadruple check your measurements of all your flat sheet good cuts against your 3D model in sketchup before you place your order and your money is gone.

    So I designed two versions of a mostly laser cut lamp made from veneer core maple or MDF core cherry and ivory acrylic. I designed it in 3D in Sketch up and the 3D model is correct and is exactly how I want the finished product to look size wise. Then I drew up in the same design flat sheets of the 3 different sheet good sizes from Ponoko and started to figure out the best possible organization of my cuts on the sheets. This was to help me figure out what size of sheets I was going to need to make my design. Once I had that figured out I used the openly available plug in from Flights Of Ideas to transfer those 2D sheets in to Inkscape. From there I created and saved the appropriate files to upload to Ponoko which I did. Believing that I had the cuts designed properly I waited till I had enough money to justify the order of my parts and bite the bullet placing my order. My order arrived today in near perfect condition. The outside corner of my veneer core sheet got smashed and upturned slightly but it was not on a part of the sheet I needed to use it was a waste piece so no big deal. I took out the acrylic pieces that where supposed to fit in to these cutouts in the veneer core and discovered that they where way too small and I don't mean the amount burned away by the laser beam. Knowing that the fault was more likely on my end then Ponoko's because they rock I opened my design up and discovered that low and behold I F***ed up big time on more then just the acrylic dimensions. Needless to say I am fixing the size mistakes I made in my 2D flat sheet cut measurements and layout and will be resubmitting my design again to be repurchased at some later date when I have money again.

     The pieces I have other then the acrylic pieces can be turned in to a lamp but will require some stuff cut by Ponoko first again when I have money. Well you live and you learn I guess. But other then that keep on rocking and innovating Ponoko I love what your doing.


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