Miniature Replica of Bridge

Hoping someone here can help me. I submitted this to Ponoko's request a bid section, but thought I'd post it here, too.

My wife and I had a replica of the Tre Archi bridge in Venice made for our cake topper last year. The replica was promptly thrown out by the hotel staff and I would like to have another made for our anniversary this year, but the 3D creator who made it for us last year is unavailable.

I have a photo of the bridge from the wedding:


as well as a PDF of the CAD file used last year:


I believe it was about 10" long by 4" or so at the widest piece. It was made with a plastic of some sort (my apologies for my naivete here). The brick area of the sides were a brick-red color, though I can't say how the color was applied.

Please ask as many questions as possible here. I'm not well versed in this process and would like to make sure everything possible is done to replicate last year's model. If I have to be flexible on price (which I had set at $100 initially), I understand that as well.




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