Ponoko homepage photo submissions

Want your design/project/product featured on the Ponoko homepage?
Just leave a comment with your photo attached and follow these submission guidelines:

• image must have a white background

• image size must be at least 900px wide by 450px high

• tell us the name of your submission eg 'bamboo earrings'

• tell us the ponoko service used eg 'lasercutting' / '3D printing'

• tell us what name you would like credited eg 'Hillary Clinton' / 'Coolest Design Shop Ever'

• tell us what url you would like included on the image eg your etsy shop / blog 


Being featured on the homepage helps drive search traffic to your site, exposes your product to an audience of makers and buyers, and makes you famous.
Oh, and if we do use your image, we'll give you a $25 Ponoko Making Voucher : )


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