The Touch-Up (for ABS models)

We all work to smooth out the "rough edges" of most of our ABS 3D Prints. It's such a hassle sanding the part and smoothing chemicals on it to make those pesky lines seem just a little less noticeable. Sometimes it seems like more work then what it is worth because it's time consuming and messy. So, we have made something to help out with that. The Touch-Up will smooth, polish, and make your ABS Model more professional looking without the fuss.

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The Touch-Up is a product used to smooth and polish rough edges due to the 3D Printing Process. Achieve amazing results using various print layers. Imagine a finish you can see yourself in! Literally! STOP WASTING TIME hand sanding and hand polishing your 3D printed ABS models. Let The Touch-Up do it for you! This product allows you to get professional looking models faster by letting The Touch-Up smooth your print for you while another model prints.     
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Model created by Thingiverse user Cerberus333
If you feel like this is something you'd like to check out for yourself: The Touch-Up can be found at http://igg.me/at/TheTouchUp/x/3702434
We encourage those of you who use ABS to click the link and see for yourself what The Touch-Up can do for you! 


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