Submit your Ponoko-made products for 2012 Holiday Gift Guide!

Hello everyone. I'm working on a holiday gift guide for the Ponoko blog, and I wanna feature YOUR products.

The holidays will be here before you know, and people are already out there shopping. This is the #1 time of year for merchants and small businesses. (And most big biz too.) Online shopping increases every year, so now's the time to start promoting your products.

Drop me a link to an individual product you have for sale, and I'll review it for inclusion in Ponoko's Holiday Gift Guide.
(Nice product photography goes a long way!)

The Ponoko blog gets over 70,000 visits every month, and 75% of our visitors are new visitors. (So we're not just preaching to the choir.) And our posts are frequently picked up by bigger blogs like Wired, Boing Boing, Core77, and more.

 Gift Guide gets published first week of November, so submit your products by the end of the month!


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