Acrylic support for a birthday cake

Our nearly-5-year-old son requested that I make him an International Space Station cake for his birthday party. Instead of saying ‘no’, and suggesting that we make something more practical like a number ‘5’, I agreed to his request, and set about figuring how best to do do this...

I decided to make a hemisphere cake, showcasing NZ, and figured the easiest thing to do would be to mount a model of the International Space Station (made out of icing) on top.

My partner and I drafted up some plans for the ‘cake support’, for the model to sit  on. We prototyped 4 different designs in total, with different shaped prongs to be made on transparent 3mm acrylic:

Once I baked the cakes and put them together, it was apparent that two of the designs were far too long. We ended up using the shorter design with the extra-sharp prongs, as they slid easily through the icing. We did need to glue the two supports together though, as they weren’t quite as snug as we would have liked:

We then slid the sharp prongs into the cake, balanced the model on top, and voila - we had an International Space Station cake!


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