Word Clock Front Panel

First attempt at using the Ponoko services.  This project had been looking for the front panel for about 2 years, who said projects had to be done quickly!  There is, of course, an electronic component to this project which had been lingering in the cupboard. 

If there is sufficient interest then I could be persuaded to put together a self assembly kit.  There are two pieces to the front panel, 1 board for the LEDs and one for the control logic.  Then of course some soldering and mechanical assembly is required.  Unfortunately I did not document this build, but instructions could be generated quite easily :)

Depending on which LEDs chosen you can set your own color preferences.  I used blue and amber, but white and green might look good too.  Unfortunately the pictures are not very good I will try and update them later.



Blue Clock.jpg
Amber Clock.jpg


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