All parts on one acrylic sheet or seperate

I have a question about laser cutting acrylic.  My goal is to get a 6 inch square cut with a 4.8" hole cut in the center.  The thing is that I also need the circular piece of acrylic that is cut out to make the hole.  In the end I will need two pieces.  One 6" square with a 4.8" hole and then one piece that is circular and slightly less than 4.8.  I want the circular hole to fit back into the square section.  I don't want a tight fit but I do not want more than an 8th of an inch gap max.  

Should I just upload a file with the cut lines for the 6" square with a hole and then specify that I am looking for two pieces of material in the end?

Also I want eight of these sets of two parts.  Should I put them all on one design so they can be cut from a larger sheet of acrylic?


I have attached a .pdf of what I am thinking.



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