Is Superfine Plastic White accurate enough to be used for Bitz for 28mm Tabletop Games?


i would like to know if anybody here has any experiences if Superfine Plastic White is suitable for Bitz for 28mm tabletop games.

Here some Background : I have designed a series of Bitz ( such as Swords, Guns, Armour and so on ) for 28mm tabletop Games. The Model therefor are of course very small and very detailed ( here for example the measurements of a sword: (in) 0.082w x 1.672d x 0.525h; (cm) 0.208w x 4.248d x 1.334h ) and therefor need a very high level of accurancy if printed

Until know i´ve used a differnet 3d print servive. That one offers a Material that has a detail-minimum of 0,2mm and a material with a detail-minimum of 0,1mm. I have tried them both and the 0,2mm minimum-detail material was not suitable. It couldn´t print all the details properly.

I kkow that ponokos most detailed material is superfine plastic white and that it can, accordingly to the datasheet, print details up to o,2mm. Nonetheless i would like to test a print by ponoko. Unfortunaetly the shipping to Germany is at least 60USD, which i don´t really want to spent on a test...

Therefor my question, has anybody already used ponoko and the superfine Plastic to print something tabletop bitz or something similar and can you share your experiences?

Thanks alot.




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