Minimum Size

I'd like to send my file off for 3D printing in a day or two, and to reduce the cost, I'm going to have it hollowed out. However, I'm not exactly savvy with 3D modeling yet, so my hollowing skills (at the moment) will give me a file that is only about 1 face thick (I'm using blender). By 1 face thick, I mean the wall would be a face, and that would probably be it. However, 1 face thick is obviously much less than than the minimum wall size. So here's my question. When I send my file off for 3D printing, can I specify the wall thickness, or will it automatically adjust it? If not, can anyone give me tips as to how to change the thickness of the walls? I'll attach a picture of what the model looks like. 

What the file shows is the model from above on the left, and from below on the right. What I'm planning on doing right now is just deleting all the faces except for the outermost ones. But as I said before, that will clearly bring the wall thickness under the minimum. If it matters, my scale is cm, and the dimensions are 32 x 23 x 15. 




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