Materials for laser cutting in order of price

Here's a list of all of our laser cutting materials in order of price from low to high.:
It's based on the price of the smallest size sheet, a P1.

Ponoko USA materials

$1 and under!

Cardboard - natural

Corrugated cardboard - double layer

Corrugated cardboard - single layer

Corrugated cardboard - white on one side

PETG - clear (.5mm)

Styrene - white


$5 and under!

ALL 30 (nearly) of our Acrylics! (4.5mm, 3mm or less)

Bamboo - amber

Bamboo - blonde

Cardstock - black

Cardstock - ivory

Cardstock - red

Cork - natural

Delrin - black (.8mm)

Delrin - white (.8mm)

Felt - fire (1.2mm)


MDF - natural

MDF - cherry veneer

MDF - walnut veneer

MDF - white melamine finish

MDF - white oak veneer

Plywood - birch (3.2mm)

PETG - clear (1mm)

Veneer core - birch


$10 and under!

ALL 15 of our 3mm Felts!

Acrylic - clear (all thicknesses)

Acrylic - black (all thicknesses)

Acrylic - mirror silver

Acrylic - mirror bronze

Acrylic - mirror gold

Acrylic - opal (all thicknesses)

Acrylic - red (all thicknesses)

Acrylic - red tint (all thicknesses)

Acrylic - silver

Acrylic - white (all thicknesses)

Bamboo 3ply - amber

Delrin - black (1.5mm & 2.3mm)

Delrin - white (2.3mm)

Plywood - birch (1.5mm)


$15 and under!

Delrin - black (3.2mm & 4.9mm)

Delrin - white (3.2mm & 4.9mm)

Leather - tan

Leather - natural russet

Upholstery leather - mocha


$20 and under

Leather - dark brown

Leather - black

Leather - auburn

Silicone rubber - black

Silicone rubber - clear


Premium specialty expensive stuff

Anti-static acrylic - clear (P3 size only)

Polarizing film - light gray 



Ponoko NZ materials

$1 and under!

Cardstock - box board

Cardstock - white

Corrugated cardboard - double layer

Styrene - white (.5mm)


$5 and under!

ALL 21 of our Acrylics!

ALL 6 of our Polypropylenes!

Cardstock - black

MDF - natural (all thicknesses)

Mylar - clear

PETG - clear (all thicknesses)

Styrene - white (all thicknesses)

Whiteboard - double sided


$10 and under!

Acrylic - mirror silver

Bamboo - natural

Bamboo - ply

MDF - rimu veneer (7mm)

MDF - white oak veneer

Plywood - italian poplar (all thicknesses)

Plywood - hoop pine

Plywood - technoply beech


$15 and under!

MDF - rimu veneer (5mm)


$20 and under!

Leather - natural russet


Speciality premium expensive stuff

Upholstery leather - driftwood

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    Melissa T Goldman

    Thanks for posting this! It's helpful. I'd personally love to see this list for P3s since I don't think it's quite the same as far as how the price scales.

    One thing I've found is that the laser speed is different for different materials, so sometimes even if the sheet itself is cheaper, the price for a cutting-intense project might still be more expensive.  

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    Dianne DeSha

    This is very helpful--would it be possible to update it with all the new materials?

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