How to get the lowest price on laser cutting

When you make something with Ponoko, there are 3 key costs to consider: making, materials, and shipping.

Here's a checklist to make sure you're getting the lowest price possible:

1. Is this your first order? 
Start with the smallest material size, P1. The smaller the material the cheaper it is.

2. Are you flexible on material type?
Take a look at our list of materials in order of price. You might find a cheaper alternative.

3. Are you flexible on material thickness?
Choose the thinnest material that works for you. The thinner the material, the faster it cuts.

4. Is your design really complex?
Simplify any details that you can. The less time it takes to cut, the less it will cost.

5. Is your design the right size?
Print it out on paper first! It's a like free prototype to check the size and design errors.

6. Are your pieces spread out over the template?
Put the pieces close together, but be sure to leave enough space for the kerf.

7. Are your pieces sharing a cutting line?
Make sure you've removed any double lines created by the overlap. You don't want to pay to cut it twice.

8. Do you have raster fill engraving?
Try to use vector engraving instead. Raster fill engraving is very expensive.

9. Is your making cost $120 or more?
You'll get a better price with Ponoko Prime.

10. Is your total order over $1000?
Let's talk bulk rate.


Update your design and get a new price!

Still can't get the price you need? Email us.  

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    Raj Kishore

    I found this post very informative and love to share my view on this! As working with a leading laser cutting manufacturer name Prakash Laser, i know the importance's of the post!

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