Placing existing Inkscape designs onto a Ponoko template

As you should know by now, it's essential that any design created in Inkscape for laser-cutting with Ponoko must be on our Inkscape templates.

This is easy if you started your laser-cut design by opening our template and creating your design on it - but slightly trickier if you've already created your design file in Inkscape.

Here is a design I created in Inkscape without using a Ponoko template:


If I uploaded this design directly to Ponoko without placing it on a template first, it would actually scale up in size by 20%. The parts I got back would not be the size I designed them, and everybody loses.

How to put this on a template - step by step

1. Save your non-template design as a SVG file

2. Download the Ponoko Inkscape templates from our Inkscape Design Guide (if you haven't already)

3. Open the appropriate template for the size of your design in Inkscape

4. Use the File > Import


5. Select your original file with no template and click 'Open'


6. Lay out your parts on the template - if they don't all fit you'll need to use a larger template, or more than one


7. Re-save your file as a SVG - you're now all ready to upload to Ponoko!

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