Please don't use clipping masks in your designs

When creating a design, please ensure that there are no clipping masks in it before uploading it.

Clipping masks make it difficult for us to select all the elements in your file, and leave it open for some elements not to be made in your final product. When we open a file with a clipping mask in it in Illustrator (which is what the laser uses to read files), we see this pop up message:


All clipping masks need to be released before we can make files.

How to remove a clipping mask using Illustrator
If you're using Illustrator, the way to do this is to Select All and use the Object > Clipping mask > Release command, followed by the Object > Path > Clean up... command.


How to remove a clipping mask using Inkscape
1. Select all of the elements in your file and make sure they're highlighted.
2. Select the Object > Clip > Release command
3. Select the Object > Mask > Release command
4. The clipping mask will now appear, and needs to be deleted
5. Using the 'edit paths by nodes' black arrow arrow tool and manually click on each path of the clipping mask and delete it, so that just your design(s) remain underneath.


Finally, to double check exactly what the laser will cut - view your file in Outline Mode, as this will display the raw vector information that is read by the laser cutter.

If you have any questions about this process, then drop us a line at service-at-ponoko-dot-com and we’ll be happy to take a look at your file for you.

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