Designing for Mirror Acrylic

Designing for mirror acrylic is similar to designing for any other acrylic in the Ponoko material catalogue, with one obvious difference:  the mirror.

Mirror Acrylic has a grey finish on one side and a clear glossy finish on the other. The grey side is the reflective coating that creates a mirror effect on the other side (just like standard glass mirrors).

Because the mirror coating is on the back of the material, by default the material is placed coated side up in the laser cutter.  As a result, any raster engraving in your design will allow light to pass through the etched portions of the mirror:





The other main thing to keep in mind when designing for mirror acrylic is design files should be mirrored, otherwise they will be fabricated back to front.  So don't forget to flip your design across the Y Axis before uploading it to your Personal Factory, like so:




If you want to engrave on the gloss side, make a note in the shipping instructions for your order.  If you want to see the results of engraving for yourself you can get a sample for just $2.50 from our sample store.


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