Don't place your holes too close to the edge

When adding holes to your designs - it’s important to bear in mind how much material the laser burns away when it makes a cut, so don’t place your holes too close to the edge!

I had to factor this in when making a little necklace out of 3mm acrylic:


I made sure that the holes themselves were just over 1mm across in diameter. Any smaller than this, and I don’t think a jump ring would have fitted through them.

I then wanted to make sure there was at *least* 1mm worth of material between the hole and the edge, as anything thinner would make the design incredibly fragile.

To check this, I changed the stroke weight to 0.2mm to get a rough idea of how much the laser burns away when it makes a cut, and then used the ruler tool to measure how much material was left:



Here’s how the final pieces turned out. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to make the holes any closer to the edge, as there is really only 1mm of material that supports them.

The other thing I should have factored in was how thin the other parts of the design are - as these necklaces didn’t last long when my 5-year-old pulled on them; they snapped almost immediately, and needed some re-working in order to make them strong enough to wear.

My ‘thickened-up’ designs are on the right:


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