Avoid doubled-up blue cutting lines in your designs

Something to avoid creating in your laser cutting designs are ‘doubled-up cutting lines’. In Illustrator and Inkscape you can plainly see these as being a darker blue color to the others:



All that is required in these examples are single cutting lines, otherwise these lines will literally be cut twice, which is not best for the material, or our machines.

It is worth noting that where there are pieces to be cut out that are placed directly beside another, only one cutting line is required between them - or as we call them, a shared cutting line.

Double lines also increase the making cost in a file - the laser takes longer, as it has to cut these lines twice.


To remove double lines in Illustrator,

You can use the Direct Selection tool (white pointer) to click on each of these lines, and then hit delete once. It should leave another line behind, paler than the one you had.


If you are using Inkscape, you can follow these instructions to removed doubled up lines.

Step 1: Select one of the adjoining objects and use the Path > Object to Path command.

Step 2: Select the 'Edit paths by nodes' tool:

Step 3: Click on an object that contains a double line, then select a node on one side of the double line you want to remove:

Step 4: With the node highlighted dark gray, click the 'Break path at selected nodes' button:

Step 5: Click on the node on the other side of the double line, and use the 'Break path at selected nodes' button again:

Step 6: Click on the line between the two nodes so that both nodes are highlighted dark gray - and a larger size to the rest of the nodes in the object - and press delete. A paler blue line should be left behind:

Step 7: Select the nodes on each side of the next line, and repeat the above process:



If you have any problems removing double lines, please feel free to drop us a line at service-at-ponoko-dot-com and we’ll be happy to take a look at your file for you.

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    I really need to utilise this on my files....

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    How do you spot and remove them in Corel DRAW?

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    Josh Judkins

    Hi Anna! CorelDRAW can be a bit trickier in this regard. You can read more about removing double-lines in Corel here:


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    Thank you!

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