Inkscape: use our templates or file will scale incorrectly

EDIT Templates are no longer needed

Please set your scale using the interface on our fancy new site! :-)

Inkscape is a fantastic free program for creating Ponoko designs, but there is one major issue with it - the way it deals with measurements coded into its SVG files is different to all the other vector-based design programs, and our system.

Our templates are specially coded to adjust for this difference, and ensure that your design is scaled correctly when it enters our system. You MUST use our templates if you’re using Inkscape, otherwise your design will scale up by 25% when it enters our system, and will not match your expected measurements - even though it appears correct within Inkscape.


Here is an example of a scaled P2 file. At the top, the file viewed in Inkscape shows the safe area measuring 15.5" wide but when opened and viewed in Illustrator (which is what the laser uses to read files), the measurements appear as ~19.5".

The dimensions shown in the Inkscape XML editor are 1396.0625pt, not the correct 1116.85pt.


We do our best to spot SVG files that have scaled in size and will ask people to do the following, to fix their files:

1. Download our fresh Inkscape templates from here.
2. Open the appropriate new template and use the File > Import command to bring your old design(s) onto it.
3. Lay out the design elements on the new template, and save it as a new version of your design and email us through the revised file. We can then swap out the file in your order and give it the thumbs-up for making.

While we do our best to spot this issue once files have been uploaded, you can also check to see if it has happened to your file in Inkscape *before* you upload it.

The easiest way to judge if the coding has gone wrong is to open the XML editor and check the overall dimensions. First, go to Edit > XML Editor and then click on the first line of code to see the dimensions.

For a P1 template, the correct dimensions are:
height= 541.41602pt
width= 541.41699pt
viewBox= 0 0 541.417 541.416


For a P2 template, the correct dimensions are:
viewBox=0 0 1116.852 1116.85



 For a P3 template, the correct dimensions are:
height= 1116.85pt
width= 2267.718pt
viewBox= 0 0 2267.718 1116.85


If the dimensions in your file don’t match any of the dimensions mentioned above, then follow the 3 steps mentioned earlier, and this should hopefully fix the scaling issue.

If you have any concerns about possible scaling occurring in your file, please don’t hesitate to send it through to us here at - we’re happy to take a look at it for you.

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