How to Improve your Vector Line Engraving results

A quick guide by Dan Emery - originally posted to the Ponoko Blog.

As mentioned in our post on Raster Fill Engraving - during that process the laser beam moves back and forth over an area to remove material and the intensity of the pulses controls how much material is removed.

With vector engraving the laser traces along the line and the power of the beam is varied to control the depth of the engraving. This can be very detailed and accurate.

The heaviest vector engraving is about 0.5mm deep and the light vector engraving is just enough to leave a mark on the surface of the material. The width of the engraved line is about 0.3mm depending on the material.

Click on the photos to see the engraving results on a selection of materials:

AcrylicTechnoply Beech PlywoodCorrugated Card Wool FeltMDFWhiteboard

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    Elizabeth Doherty

    I understand that the intensity of the Raster Fill Engraving is controlled by the darkness of the fill—light grey is lighter, black is darkest. But for lighter or heavier Vector Line Engraving, how does one control the intensity? Thanks for any help you can provide!



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    Dan Emery

    Hi there Elizabeth

    You can assign the lines different colors for different intensities.

    Red = Heaviest

    Green = Middle

    Magenta = Lightest.

    In most cases we recommend that you stick to using red only as that will deliver the result most people like. You can read a bit more about the advanced engraving options here.

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