Laser Cutting FAQs

How does laser cutting work?

how a laser cutter works

Laser cutting uses a computer to direct a laser at the material to be cut. The material then melts, burns, or vaporizes leaving an edge with a high-quality finish. The laser beam is guided by the lines in your vector design file. The beam is angled, therefore edges are not exactly 90 degrees. These things need to be taken into consideration particularly when designing 3D objects with interlocking parts.

What have other people made using Ponoko?

Check out our Pinterest page to see the range of products people are making and selling!

What materials can I use?

Check out our Materials Catalog.
In the US, we have over 80 different materials including acrylic, felt, cardboard, wood, leather, paper, and metal.
In NZ, we have over 50 materials including acrylic, felt, cardboard, wood, leather, polypropylene, and paper.

Check out our Material Sample Store to purchase samples of our materials, starting at $2.50.

What are the size restrictions?

Our materials come in 3 basic sizes: P1, P2, P3. A few materials also come in 18"x24".

• P1 (small) = aprox 7x7" square /  181 x 181mm

• P2 (medium) = aprox 15x15" square / 384 x 384mm

• P3 (large) = aprox 31x15" rectangle / 790 x 384mm

For each of our materials, we have a corresponding design template. Your design must be uploaded on one of our templates.

Download our P1, P2, and P3 design templates.
Select either Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or Inkscape.

How much will it cost to laser cut my design?

The cost will entirely depend on your design. We charge a per minute-rate for laser cutting plus a materials cost.

You can get an instant price when you upload your design.

How long will it take for me to receive my laser cut order?

The 'average' order is custom made and delivered in about 2 weeks.

Get more details and specific information on how long it will take to make and ship your order. 


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