Prime Subscription FAQs

Which making hubs does Prime apply to?

Prime is only for orders made at the NZ and US making hubs. Prime does not apply to orders made at any other making hub (e.g. Germany).

What's the difference between the different making hubs around the world?

Each making hub is locally owned and operated. Pricing, materials, support, delivery and business terms may vary between one making hub and another.

How do I buy Prime?

You hit the 'Sign up' to Prime button.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No. Nor is there a signup fee or upgrade fee. It's a month-to-month service that you can cancel at any time (with no cancellation fee). We're trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone to participate.

Does Prime apply to anything I want to make?

Prime is for anything you want to make or make and sell using our Personal Factory service.

How does Prime apply to 3D printing?

Prime members receive lower making, material and shipping costs for their 3D printing orders from the Ponoko USA hub. At present Prime member 3D printing orders are not able to be made faster than usual, but this is likely to become a feature in the future.

Does Prime pricing apply to metals?

No. 2D and 3D metals will be made at the Free Personal Factory price, but you will pay the lower Prime price for shipping your metal creations.

Can Prime services be used in conjunction with coupons you periodically make available?

*Making Coupons with a % value can not be used in a Prime Personal Factory

*Making Coupons with a $ value can be used in a Prime Personal Factory.

*Both can be used in a Free Personal Factory.

Will I need to re-upload my designs in my existing Free Personal Factory account to get the new Prime pricing applied to them?

No. If you have design files in your existing Free Personal Factory, each of them will be automatically re-priced without you needing to do anything.

Do I have to sell via Ponoko to use Prime?

No. You can use Prime to make things and sell them elsewhere. But if you want your things to be promoted to design store retailers, yes you will have to sell via your Ponoko Showroom (but this does not stop you from selling them elsewhere too). Note also that it cost you nothing to set up an e-commerce online store on Ponoko and you can list an unlimited number of items for free and pay zero sales success fees.

Is there a annual discount for Prime?

No, not at this stage.

Does Prime exclude any country?

No. It is for everyone in the world.

Can I pay using PayPal?

No. Payment methods at this time are VISA or MasterCard. Other methods, like PayPal, are in the works.

Will I be sent a receipt upon my own monthly anniversary or every calendar month?

You will receive a payment receipt every month you remain subscribed, on the anniversary of the date you signed up. You can cancel at any time and you will not be billed again.

What about international shipping?

We're focused on the US and NZ markets just now, but please hang in there with us – we are getting closer to opening international nodes to knock shipping costs, and carbon miles, on the head.

What does Prime mean for someone like me who is not interested in selling products but just wants a one-off project made?

Prime saves you money if your one off project totals about $50 - $70 or more. You also benefit if you want one-to-one advice before you commit and hit the make button, you want your order to jump the queue and go to the top of the list, if you want to get a free quote for your DXF design files, get free delivery or other features listed here.

How do I get my products into retail design stores using Prime?

At this stage if you wish to sell into retail using Prime, we’ll make and ship your items to you as normal, then you’ll get the retail ready, package and ship direct to retailers.

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