Can I buy just sheets of material from Ponoko?

I'm wondering if it's at all possible to buy the materials from Ponoko - as I've been unable to locate some of them myself in smaller sizes (or at all).

For working within the current system, i suppose i could just submit an eps/svg of a rectangle the size of the print area, but that seems wasteful of stuff cut from the outside.

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    Josh Judkins

    Ponoko's service is primarily about fabrication, not a material supply. As such, although there is a workaround whereby you can order just materials, it's not 100% straightforward.

    For working within the current system, just include a TINY blue cutting line in an otherwise blank file. 

    Upload one file per material type you are wanting here:

    It doesn't matter if you upload the same file more than once, each additional upload will be given a number to make it = a different file.

    Once you have uploaded all the files you require, click 'Done'. You can then apply the appropriate materials to each one. When you get to the shipping details page, include "MATERIAL ONLY ORDER" in the Special Shipping Instructions. You can also contact us with the order number to make sure we're aware that it is a material only order and can be turned around easily as well.

    As soon as we've got all your materials in stock, we'll get them shipped off to you.

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