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  • Alphabet Blocks: How to Make??
    ... painting but I'd like the object to be wood ideally. Laser cutting each face presents the problem of how to make the cube...
    mark 3 comments
  • How to Make with Metal
    To make with metals (brass, copper and stainless steel) you need to prepare your vector design and save it as a PDF...
    Derek Elley 0 comments
  • New Forum: How do I make questions as "read"?
    ... which questions I had already reviewed. If someone posted a new comment, it would be "unread" again. I can't find how to do...
    Otto 2 comments
  • I need to make laser cut stencils
    I need to make stencils from my svg designs. What material would you use? Thanks, Ilene
    Ilene Baranowitz 5 comments
  • How can I make the same design from more than one material?
    I'd like to make my design in a few different materials in one order, can i do this? It looks like each must be a new...
    Josh Judkins 1 comment
  • How do i make sure the part that is engraved won't be cut off?
    ... planning on doing this on acrylic. I'm working on illustrator. I'm wondering how to eliminate part of the blue cutting line...
    alessandro 7 comments
  • Make beautiful HID (human interface device) designs
    ...'re an inefficient and archaic visual distraction, barely suited to stamp ink on dead trees, as they were originally...
    Parr Leu 1 comment
  • How To Fix Your Line Colors
    ... advise on how to get it fixed as soon as we can. This error message can appear for the following reasons: Your design is...
    Dan Emery 0 comments
  • How To Fix Your Fill Colors
    ... advise on how to get it fixed as soon as we can. The fill colors for in your design for raster engraving should be black...
    Catherine Field-Dodgson 0 comments
  • Can I use SketchUp to make laser cut files for 2D products
    I want to use SketchUp to make 2D .eps files for laser cutting. It isn't discussed on the Ponoko site as far as I can...
    Glynn Bebee 4 comments