Can I have my design made on a material that is not in Ponoko's catalog?

When we rolled out our custom materials option for Prime members back in 2009, we were really excited about prospective designs and materials.

As time passed, we learned that many custom materials would take a month to arrive, and quality of new (untested) materials was a concern.

Because quality and speed are the two things we obsess about here, we've decided to do custom materials in a new way ...

To see your custom material in our catalog, here's the new process:

1) Check your new material choice does not already exist in our materials catalog.

2) Add your new material choice to our materials suggestion form.

3) Every 3 months, we'll launch new materials to our catalog based on your suggestions.

We'll test this new process and listen to your feedback to ensure we're able to bring new materials to you that we have pre-tested for quality and delivery speed.

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    Andres Schulz

    Does the 0.4mm stainless steel bend easily, as to make a cylinder with the whole sheet?

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    Dan Devorkin

    Hi Andres - 

    It does bend fairly easily so yes you could make a cylinder.



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