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Can I have my design made on a material that is not in the catalog?

Dan Emery
posted this on Jun 20 15:56

When we first rolled out the custom materials option for our Prime users, we were really excited about prospective designs and materials. As time passed, we learned that many custom materials would take upwards to a month to order and sometimes, longer if we had to finalize the finer details with our customers. And unlike our pre-tested materials in our catalog, we were unable to guarantee the quality of the orders to our dismay. We were stuck between a rock and a hard place and made the difficult decision of changing our custom materials policy. 

We always want to provide the best quality and speed to our customers and we are able to guarantee this with the materials in our catalog. If you would like to see your custom material in our catalog, we suggest for you to document your wish list materials in our Materials Suggestions Form. With this new process in place, it helps us streamline our system so we can provide you with the best products possible. If you would like to take a view our our available materials, please visit our Materials Catalog.

About every 3 months, we'll go through the document and add a handful of these new materials to our catalog for everyone to enjoy!

We love making our customers happy and we are truly touched when you are happy with your design. We sincerely hope you understand why we made these particular changes and we'd love to make your experience the best that it can be!

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