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Laser cutting on the edges?

Dean Tersigni
asked this on September 11, 2012, 09:00

I'm making a stencil to spray paint my company logo onto crates. However, the place on the crate where the logo needs to be painted has two angled edges which means that the edges of the top-most side of the stencil needs to be cut at an angle (the example image helps illustrate what I mean). I could do this after-the-fact with a saw, but I was wondering if the laser cutter can do this for me.

If it can, I'll need to know how to make the cut. In this example image, I have two different ways of doing the cut. A uses a triangle and B uses a single line. Could anyone tell me which would be the proper way to handle this?

* I increased the widths of the lines to make them stand out.




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Wendy Lynn Staats
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Hi Dean,

I recently ordered a laser cut stencil which turned out beautifully.... You could certainly have the laser cut the angles, but I would recommend just using a heavy duty scissors as it will be easy and more economical.

I could be wrong, but I believe if you want to ensure your cuts go to the edge of the material, the best way would be to cut a border all the way around your design with the overall shape. However, that would add cost to what would could simply be achieved with a scissors.

Good luck, whichever route you end up going!

September 12, 2012, 07:57