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When will I receive my order?

Josh Judkins
posted this on March 01, 2012 11:44

Every Ponoko order is custom-made, so there are two things to consider:

1) the time it takes to MAKE your order  2) the time it takes to SHIP your order


Making Time - Laser Cutting

You can choose 8, 5, 3, or 1 day making time for laser cutting orders.

For full details on making time for laser cutting orders, go here.


Making Time - 3D Printing 

3D Printing orders in our various plastic or plaster materials generally take 2-3 weeks to make.

3D Printing orders in ceramic or metal materials generally take 3-4 weeks to make.

We cannot guarantee making times for 3D Printing orders. 
For full details on making time for 3D printing, visit the individual 3D printing material pages.


Making Time - Photochemical Machining

Photochemical Machining (PCM) orders generally take 2-3 weeks to make.


Shipping Time

AFTER an order has been made, how long it takes to ship depends on your location:

Orders shipped within the US take 1 to 7 business days via UPS.

For full details on shipping within the US, go here.

Orders shipped within NZ take 1 to 4 business days via NZ post.

Orders shipped to international locations 5 to 10 business days.


Making Time FAQ

1. If I pick 3 day making time, does that mean I will get my order in 3 days?
No. Making time means made, packaged, and sent within the timeframe you selected. It does not include the shipping time it will take to get delivered to you. For more information on how long it will take to receive your order, go here.

2. Is making time based on business days or calendar days?
Making times are in calendar days and shipping is in business days.

3. What are the terms of the guarantee?
We guarantee that we will make, package, and send your order within the timeframe you selected. If we are unable to do so — for reasons such as out-of-stock materials, a sudden surge of orders as happens before the holidays, or ya know earthquakes — we will let you know ASAP and offer to refund your rush fee or cancel and refund your entire order.

4. How come I'm not getting all of the making time options?
If you have a very large order, you may not see all or any of the rush making time options. This is because very large orders take a long time to cut. For example, if your order will take over 2000 minutes to cut, that amounts to over 33 hours on the laser cutter. It would not be possible to make, package, and send your order within a 1-day timeframe.

5. Can I choose my making time for 3D printing?
No. Making time options are only available for laser cutting.For information on how long 3D printing orders take, go here.


If you have any other questions on when you will receive your order, send an email to service-at-ponoko-dot-com 

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