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How does the Prime material request process work?

Josh Judkins
posted this on December 07, 2011 09:59

There are significant costs and time required to bring in new materials - from chasing suppliers to arranging shipments and producing manual quotes.

As a result, material request orders are limited to Prime members, whose subscriptions go some way to offsetting these costs.

As a Prime member, you can request any material you would like to make with that is within the existing limitations of our fabrication options. If we are able to successfully source and cut it (some materials end up not cutting well on our lasers, for instance) we will then provide you with a manual quote to do so.

NOTE: Some materials involve minimum volumes which must be ordered by us - in these instances, we may require a minimum order from you also before we'll be able to bring in the material specially. We'll let you know if this is the case, and how much you would need to order.

It is not possible for you to provide your own materials to us - you need to connect us with a supplier whom we can order the material in from. You provide a direct link to the supplier with the specific material you are wanting to use - which is located as close as possible to the fabrication hub you are planning to use. Check out our suggested material sources for the US Hub.

You will also need to have a read-to-make design file you want to order when you start the request process.

Naturally this process takes longer than the usual ordering process using standard catalog materials.

If you are a Prime member and are interested in more details, you can find them on your Prime Features page, or get in touch.